Best Guide to self-troubleshooting Gas Geyser Repairing Need in 2021

Best Guide to self-troubleshooting Gas Geyser Repairing Need in 2021 - Kitchen Solution

Isn’t having a gas geyser at home a pleasure? The feeling of relaxation when you have a warm shower after a long and tiring day is just so wholesome. And sometimes when they start causing problems, it is just so annoying. Especially because these repair costs do not come very handy and an addition to the existing expense list is always distress for everyone. So, we have come up with alternate solutions to professional repairing of the gas geyser. But remember for a pocket-friendly repair you can always call us for gas geyser repair in Surat.

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Listed below are a few solutions to 6 common gas geyser repairs at home.

1. Continuous Water Dripping

This is one of the most common problems one faces with a gas geyser. This leak could be coming from the temperature/ pressure valve due to the very high temperature in the tank. There might also be a possibility that the tank is internally damaged, causing the leak. Do not ignore this and try to immediately fix it. In most cases, it can easily be fixed at home.


  • Sometimes there is leakage in the pipe that connects the geyser and the water supply tap, you just need to tighten the tap which you can easily do using a wrench or a spanner.
  • If there is leakage from the heat exchanger (the tube-like structure), it cannot be repaired so you’ll have to replace it as it won’t be safe continuing with the same one for a long time.
  • First locate where the leakage is from. If you cannot find it, it is probably coming from the underside of the tank mostly due to condensation. If even after a few hours, it does not stop then it needs to be fixed.
  • If Condensation is not the reason and there is a steady flow of leaking water, and you still cannot locate and fix the region, switch off your geyser & call an expert for gas geyser repair service.
2. Not Making a Clicking Noise

Whenever you switch on a gas geyser, it makes a clicking noise that indicates that the geyser has turned on. If it isn’t making the sound, go through the solution.


  • Check that there is sufficient water pressure. To check whether your water pressure is low, turn the water adjustment knob completely clockwise and if there is still no clicking sound, the water pressure is too low.
  • Check for the geyser’s battery as they mostly last 6 months. Also, remove the battery and check the springs in the battery box to make sure they are not broken.
  • Check the water filter that is located in the water inlet pipe of the geyser. If there is any clogging, clean the filter and fix it back in.
3. Geyser Making a Continuous Clicking Noise –

Gas geyser makes a clicking sound just once when you switch it on and in a few cases when you switch it off but if it continuously keeps making the clicking sound even after it has long been turned on, you must look for the problems that might be causing it.


  • Check that your gas cylinder has not run out of gas/ gas supply is not switched off.
  • If you have replaced your gas cylinder recently, there might be a vacuum lock. You’ll have to remove the gas pipe from the regulator & turn on the gas cylinder for a few seconds. Now switch it off and then connect the pipe again.
  • Sometimes the regulator on your gas cylinder prevents gas flow, in that case, you need to get a new regulator
  • All Gas Geysers are sensitive to the gas quality therefore it is advised to always use LPG only for gas geysers.
4. Geyser Gets Turned Off

When you switch on the geyser, sometimes it turns on and then immediately gets turned off, it can be fixed at home almost every time.


  • Check whether the battery & springs in the battery box is okay.
  • Check whether the water pressure is correct.
  • It mostly happens due to the above 2 reasons but if neither is the problem, please call a technician and if you live in Surat, you can always contact Kitchens Solution for gas geyser repairing service.
5. Water Becomes Cold After a Few Minutes –

Sometimes you must have faced this problem wherein you are enjoying your hot shower and then suddenly the water goes cold. This might happen because of a split in the geyser’s capacity.


  • Make sure that if your geyser supplies water to multiple taps, only one tap is open at a time. If two taps are opened simultaneously, it will split the geyser’s capacity hence resulting in cold water after a few minutes.
  • If it is not connected to multiple taps and still this problem occurs, you’ll probably have to get an inspection done for the same.
6. Water Not Hot –

We have often heard our customers saying that their geyser does not let out enough hot water. No worries, check for the following.


  • Check whether the temperature settings are correct (summer or winter mode). If you want more hot water, just set it to winter mode.
  • Check whether the gas inlet adjustment is fully open or not.
  • Check whether the inlet adjustment is fully opened or not.
So, to Conclude

In our experience of almost 25 years, these are some common problems that we have seen our customers panic about. Therefore, we have listed these few cost-free and DIY solutions so that you don’t unnecessarily have to spend on a professional service until needed.

But again, like we all know that working with appliances is dangerous and can cause serious repercussions if not handled carefully. This is exactly why we always recommend at least an inspection by experts because they are experienced enough to know whether the problems your gas geyser is causing are hazardous or not. If during the inspection, any hazardous problem comes up, they’ll discuss all the possible solutions with you and you can decide which one to go for. And if you want to go for the most trusted source, you can always contact Kitchens Solution for gas geyser repairing in Surat. We are only a call away!