A Complete Guide to Gas Stove Repairing Needs at Home in 2021

A Complete Guide to Gas Stove Repairing Needs at Home in 2021

Did you know that a gas stove can last up to a minimum of 15 years? But, since we use it every day, some wear and tear are deemed to happen & we might sometimes be able to solve them ourselves. But always remember to be very careful while performing them and if at any point you feel that you need a professional, you can contact Kitchens Solution for all kinds of gas stove repairing services in Surat.

Listed below are a few solutions to the basic problems that occur with the stove.


1. Surface Burner Does Not Light – If the flame won’t light, there are 2 things to check after you light the burner,

  • The stove makes a click sound but there is no gas flowing out
  • There is gas flowing out but the stove does not make a click sound


  • When the stove makes a click sound and there is no gas flowing out, there is probably an issue with the gas, so check for that.
  • When there is gas flowing out but the stove does not make a click sound, check if there is any food particle clogging the portholes of the burner. If this does not solve the problem, check if there is a problem with your lighter.

2. Weak Flame/ Heat Troubles – Ooh, a weak flame while cooking can be annoying especially if your workflow gets disrupted. This could be happening because of the food debris stuck here and there.


  • The only way to fix this is by giving the gas stove a thorough clean. 
  • Remove your gas burners and wash them properly by scrubbing so that if there is any food particle stuck in the tiny holes, it will come out
  • Remove the pan supports and now check if there is any food particle stuck anywhere in the gas valves and remove them with the help of a toothpick or a long stick.
  • Wipe your stove with a damp sponge and after placing everything back, check whether it functions properly or not.

3. Continuous Clicking of the Gas Stove – It is perfectly normal when the gas stove clicks on being switched on, the problem occurs when it continuously keeps clicking long after it has been started. Traditional gas burners don’t usually have a sealed cooktop and food can easily get stuck in between.


  • Check if the burner is displaced
  • Check if there is food crumbs stuck anywhere
  • Check if there is excess moisture in the valves, wipe it off with a dry towel. Leave the stove under the fan for some time so that it dries out quickly.

4. The Smell of Gas – Sometimes even when your burner is switched off, and you smell gas. Your reflex will be to check whether all knobs are switched off. If any one of the knobs were switched on, you instantly turn it off and the problem is solved. But if the knobs were switched off and the smell persisted,


  • Shut off the main gas supply to your kitchen
  • Open Up all the windows of the kitchen and hall & close the door of your rooms
  • Immediately call for a professional help

5. Noisy Flames – When your flame becomes too bright or noisy, never take it lightly as this happens because of excess gas flow into the burners which could be very dangerous.


  • Switch off the main gas supply to your kitchen
  • Call an expert. We all consider gas blockage & leaks as an emergency. Therefore, we are going to rush towards you as soon as we get the call!

Final Words

Well, with all these simple little tricks and tips in hand, you won’t have to stress over getting a professional service for such minor problems that you face with your gas stove while cooking and you will never be clueless if any such problem ever occurred with you because you’ll be confident enough to handle these without the help of any technician. But always remember that dealing with such objects is tricky and dangerous. Therefore, whenever needed, call Kitchens Solution for any kind of gas stove repair service in Surat and until the service is provided, we advise you not to use the appliance as it might be risky.

We hope that this blog was helpful to you and you never hesitate to call for a professional service when needed.